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Shared Services and Global Business Services

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Shared Services and GBS insights

Recent FDI projects in Portugal

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Airbus in Portugal

AIRBUS Global Business Services (France)

AMGEN in Portugal


Kantar in Portugal


Lisbon was a convincing choice to install this Capability Center, primarily due to its availability of strong local talent, appeal to international talent, favorable culture, cost profile, and stable and mature business environment.
Daniel Campanha, Exec. DirectorAmgen
After Airbus identified the need to create a new central and specialised Global Business Service Centre, Lisbon emerged as the ideal “hotspot” in Europe, as it meets all the requirements(...).
Charles Huguet, Manag. DirectorAurbus
Four years after starting our path in Portugal, the ambition we have is to continue expanding our Centre of Excellence with major talents. Porto has become our second most important hub in Europe, right after Paris(...).
Etienne Huret, CEONatixis


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