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Portugal Open for Business: Greenapple integrates IoT into furniture to fight the pandemics


The know-how acquired with Bongó, the first smart-furniture product from this Portuguese company, has allowed Greenapple to develop Biocheck-in during the lockdown, in partnership with Instituto Superior Técnico, the largest School of Engineering in Portugal.


Biocheck-in is a public health checkpoint device. From a single, non-intrusive device with integrated public health monitoring and reading tools, such as contactless hand hygiene and body temperature control, access to businesses will be quick and simple.


The economic recovery in each sector will depend on the guarantee given by contingency plans that piece together trustworthy safety conditions, that allow easy circulation of people. The Biocheck-in devices are totally adapted and prepared for different activities, such as: Hospitality, Catering, Schools and Colleges, Bank Branches or Public Service Offices — and allow to resume commercial, social, educational and leisure activities, ensuring the protection of all.

The challenging moment we are all experiencing has acted as an accelerator for the Portuguese furniture and interior company's strategy for the coming years, following the current trend of integrating IoT technology into consumer goods, combining artisan mastery, technological innovation, and design thinking.

Portugal is a country open for business, ready to provide the world with innovation. Greenapple is one of the many examples of Portugal Open For Business.




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