Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The 43rd JITAC – European Textile Fair 2022/23 Autumn/Winter collection took place in Tokyo from October 20th to 22nd, 2021.

 About 510 European producers presented their new fabric collections at their agents’ stands. The event registered around 7300 visitors, buyers, designers, MDs, from importers, apparel companies, major multi-brand shops etc.  According to the organizer, the visitors’ number increased, 1.2 times, compared to the last exhibition in March, 2021.


In addition to the companies represented at their agents’ booths, Portuguese fabrics were also shown at Associação Selectiva Moda’s “FROM PORTUGAL” stand which is always excellently placed on one of the best locations, in front of the entrance. Some Portuguese producers had own stands next to the “FROM PORTUGAL” stand and their agents’ stands.


AICEP Tokyo office supported them before and during the exhibition


The fact that Associação Selectiva Moda has been participating in JITAC twice a year for over 10 years and that they are the only European Textile Association exhibiting it is very critical in Japan. It shows commitment and investment, features that are essential to gain the trust of the clients and partners in the market.


“FROM PORTUGAL” included  14 Portuguese companies - ALBANO MORGADO,  BUREL FACTORY, FITECOM, LA ESTAMPA, LEMAR, LURDES SAMPAIO,RDD TEXTILES,  TEXSER/TÊXTIL DE SERZEDELO, TROFICOLOR, VILARINHO, ADALBERTO ESTAMPADOS,PAULO DE OLIVEIRA, RIOPELE, TESSIMAX LANIFICIO - that presented their 2022/23 Autumn/Winter collection both at the “FROM PORTUGAL” forum and, some of them, also at their agents’ stand. 


This time, 3 companies - LURDES SAMPAIO, RDD TEXTILES and VILARINHO - presented selected collections at “FROM PORTUGAL” forum for the first time and visitors’ reaction was good.

Other producers’ fabrics, are already known among Japanese visitors and their fabric collections got order swatches  atFROM PORTUGAL”  and each agent’s stand.


Especially, Lemar’s sustainable fabrics gathered visitors and because Riopele and Troficolor are well known to apparel companies, they also gathered visitors to their respective stands.


Moreover, visitors were interested in the AW collections of Albano Morgado, Burel Factory and Fitecom. We learned that Adalberto Estampados managed to get new clients.

Japanese importers and apparel companies are looking for interesting fabrics matching Japanese taste hoping that the Japanese apparel market returns to normal in 2022.

Furthermore, some agents were also interested in new Portuguese exhibitors as well.


Nevertheless, because there are still many Portuguese fabrics unknown in this market, that offer both competitive pricing and quality, we believe there are still plenty of business opportunities both for Japanese and Portuguese companies.

We hope to see more Portuguese fabrics producers’ showing their collections at the forthcoming exhibition in Tokyo, in March, 2022.


Since in the foreseeable future it might be difficult to have buyers/designers participating in exhibitions overseas, JITAC is more important than ever for Japanese importers looking forward to learn about European producers and their products.