Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Universidade Católica Portuguesa has developed the Ciência-UCP platform Ciência-UCP | Universidade Católica Portuguesa, a tool that is a systematic aggregation of all research information.

This Platform presents a high level of interoperability and alignment with the best practices that define CRIS systems (Current Research Information System) and engages the interaction between the research developed at the University and the Sustainable Development Goals.


For Peter Hanenberg, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, "making public the Portal of Ciência-UCP represents to make known, in all its dimension, what is best done at UCP in terms of research and its collaboration network at national and international level and, more than anything, assuming that the launch of this portal is not an end in itself, but the beginning of a new stage of a process that, by nature, will never be finished: the continuous search for knowledge".