Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The investment through Portugal’s Golden Visa program amounted to over 77.9 million euros in June, or a total of 44 per cent increase compared to May figures and more than doubled the 36.4 million euros registered in the same month of 2021.

Such figures have been provided in the recent report of the Portuguese Foreigners and Border Service (SEF), reports.


In addition, the figures provided by the same source show that investment through golden visas increased by a total of 33 per cent in the first half of this year, to 316 million euros.


According to SEF, in June, there were granted a total of 155 golden visas; of them, 126 were for the acquisition of real estate, 28 for capital transfers and one for job creation, as reported by the Portugal News.


Besides, according to the figures provided by SEF, investment in the purchase of real estate reached a total of 62.2 million euros in June, of 23.9 million in urban rehabilitation, while the value was 15.6 million euros in the capital transfer.


Last month, 30 golden visas were granted to citizens of China, 30 to the US, 14 to Turkey as well as 11 to India and 10 to Brazil.


Recently, reported that Golden Port Visa, which is a real estate investment provider of Portugal Golden Visas, opened its consultancy for prospective migrants, offering different services for clients to help them benefit from the Golden Visa scheme.


Such a program, approved by Portugal’s government, grants residency to citizens from third countries, provided they invest in properties worth at least 500,000 euros and meet all the requirements.


Even though the Golden Visa program contributes significantly to Portugal’s economy, it has often been criticized for being involved in money laundering, corruption, and several other unlawful affairs.


In May this year, there was a 94 per cent increase in Portugal’s golden visa scheme, compared to the figures of May 2021, to 53.8 million.


However, a survey conducted previously by Traino stressed that Portugal risks losing its rank as one of the top investment programs.


The survey revealed that the top five European programs for internationals were:

  • Portugal’s golden visa (100 per cent increase in investors’ demand last year)
  • Montenegro ( 50 per cent)
  • Greece (30 per cent)
  • Spain (28 per cent)

Regarding the first half of this year, increasing demand programs out of Europe include the United Arab Emirates golden visas, the United States’s green card, as well as Thailand’s golden visa.