Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Portugal has been at the top of the list for countries to emigrate to for a while, particularly if you’re a remote worker embracing the digital nomad life or looking for the perfect place to live out your golden years.

Recently, however, Portugal has become the place to be for tech agencies, and that is coming as a surprise to many.


So, what’s causing the tech community to abandon Silicon Valley in favour of Portugal’s crystalline shores?


The next big thing in tech - and, for many if not most industries, business - is Web3, the next-generation form of online interaction with cryptocurrencies and virtual reality at its heart. Portugal has a thriving business community and a climate that’s both progressive and friendly in terms of Web3 and crypto regulations.


As a result, entrepreneurs searching for the perfect location to establish their companies as part of a supportive and dynamic business environment are landing in Portugal.


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