Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Two energy companies Shell New Energies NL BV and ENGIE, the tank storage provider Vopak and the shipping firm Anthony Veder have signed an agreement to study the feasibility of producing, liquifying and transporting green hydrogen from Portugal to the Netherlands, where it will then be stored and distributed for sale.

The vision of the consortium is to produce hydrogen by electrolysis from renewable energy sources in the industrial zone of the port of Sines in Portugal. Then, it will be liquefied and shipped via a liquid hydrogen carrier to the port of Rotterdam for distribution and sale.


The aim is to deliver a first shipment of liquid hydrogen from Sines to Rotterdam by 2027.


There is a need to build greater certainty for liquid hydrogen customers, according to a joint statement.


As part of the joint venture, Shell and ENGIE will work together across the value chain and Anthony Veder and Vopak's participation will focus on shipping, storage, and distribution.


They will initially evaluate the production, transportation and storage capabilities of approximately 100 tonnes per day, with the possibility of increasing the amount over time.


Following this agreement, the governments of Portugal and the Netherlands stepped up their joint ambitions for hydrogen production and transport.