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The factory in the Porto district produces parts for the Airbus A320 and A350. The company promises to create more than 250 "highly qualified" jobs.

Airbus Atlantic will inaugurate its new facilities this week in Santo Tirso, where it produces parts for the Airbus A320 and A350 models. This €40 million industrial operation already employs around one hundred workers and expects to reach 150 people by the end of this year.


The manufacturer of aero-structures and pilot and passenger seats (under the Stelia Aerospace brand) also promises to create “over 250 highly qualified jobs in the coming years, as a response to the potential development of its activity in Portugal.”


Airbus Atlantic Portugal says, in a statement shared with ECO, that the manufacturer is “part of a robust, coherent and integrated industrial system, to develop a strong competence in the manufacture of aerostructures in the north of the country.”


“Airbus has a solid presence in Portugal and continues to grow thanks to its local partners, suppliers and customers, and is gaining relevance as a company that creates jobs (direct and indirect) in the country,” it reads.


In addition to this assembly plant in Santo Tirso, Airbus opened last year its Global Business Services Center at Parque das Nações, in eastern Lisbon. This shared service centre employs specialists in Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Information Management, Engineering, Communication, Customer Services, Legal and Compliance, and expects to reach 800 employees by 2025.

Between the factory and the services hub in the Portuguese capital, the group vice-president for the southern European region announced to Lusa a total investment of €69 million by 2021, an average growth of 16% per year over the last four years.


“Portugal is embedded in all Airbus commercial programmes [and is] active in a wide range of activities,” besides the fact that all of the divisions get supply in Portugal, César Sanchez, the CEO of Airbus Atlantic, stressed. In May this year, he said that “this commitment will continue to bring mutual benefits for both Portugal and Airbus in the coming years, notably by creating additional domestic jobs across the sector.”