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National hotel establishments recorded, in 2022, aggregate revenues of more than five billion euros, a value that represents an increase of 114.6% compared to the previous year, according to observatory DBK Informa.

According to this study by the consultancy Informa D&B on the national hotel sector, the value achieved in 2022 also exceeds by 16.5% what had been recorded in 2019, before the arrival of the pandemic in Portugal.


This study, which covered hotels, local accommodation units, aparthotels, tourist apartments, rural tourism establishments and housing, tourist villages, Pousadas and the 'Quintas da Madeira', shows that the number of guests and overnight stays also grew in the last year compared to the previous year.


According to Publituris, with regard to guests, there was an increase of 83.3%, accounting for just over 26.5 million guests in national tourist accommodation units, while the total number of overnight stays stood at 69.5 million, which also translates into a significant increase, which reached 86%.


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