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Under the slogan “Le Fado et la Mer”, the Fado Festival returns for 5The tenth The year in Morocco to present a series of concerts in Rabat and Casablanca, exhibition, exhibition and conference.

Showcasing fado internationally, the fado festival is a traveling event that takes place in 17 major cities in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The festival will complete 12 cycles in 2022 since its inception in Madrid; In Morocco, the Fado Festival will be organized for the fifth year in a row.


The event aims to promote the Portuguese language, culture and brand abroad with one of the main slogans of the country: Fado, the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The festival also helps showcase the fado singer on the global music scene.


his 5The tenth The Fado Festival in Morocco will be its theme “Fado and the sea”. A nostalgic complaint par excellence, Fado wonderfully reflects the spirit of a people who have long lived to the rhythm of sea travel. Fado was born from a mixture of influences that could only happen in a coastal city, such as Lisbon. The cradle of Fado, a melting pot of cultures since the Portuguese took to sea, Lisbon was a gateway to African and Brazilian sounds, whose song gave a unique sound and rhythm, revealing itself abroad to the whole world.


At the Mohammed V National Theater in Rabat And at Studio des Arts Vivants in White Housethe audience will have an appointment with artists who represent the new generation of Fado: Joanna Amenduera (Tuesday 20/09 in Rabat and Thursday 22/09 in Casablanca).As well as the duo consisting of the singer kaman The pianist and composer Mario Lagenha (Friday 09/23 in Casa)


One of the greatest current fado voices, Joanna Amenduera She has always been considered the most dangerous and promising Portuguese fadista of her generation. At the age of eleven, in 1995, she won the first prize for female translation at the Big Night of the Fado in Porto. In 1998 it was first exported abroad as part of the Portuguese Days in Budapest. Since 2000, she has performed regularly with Club De Fado, one of the most popular clubs in Lisbon. In 2002, she appeared adorably on the Moniz Pereira tribute disc, produced by Universal Music. Following the release of her third eponymous album, Joanna Amdoera visited Europe: Holland, France, Spain and Austria. Since then, various collaborations have been born and the singer has received many awards.


Joanna is the voice, the voice of a country, the voice of a nation that she has always followed and supported. A voice that knows how to convey all the feelings and warmth of culture.


for kaman, Pioneering the new generation of male fado singers; And the Mario Lagenha ; Famous Portuguese pianist and composer. They are two deeply talented artists based in Lisbon and unmistakably familiar with their city. They will come to present their new collaboration “Aqui está-se sossegado” (it’s quiet here). A piece of music designed from scratch to give the perfect brilliance to the sound and piano that prove to be so complicit.


In addition to the three concerts, and with the aim of highlighting the many aspects of Portuguese and Fado culture, the festival will be organized in parallel Three free activities At the Live Arts Studio in Casablanca:

  • a prediction Feature Film  Fado, Historia de Uma Cantadera » (1948), by Portuguese director Perdigão Queiroga;

The film tells the story of the journey of a humble fado singer whose boyfriend, a carpenter, is a guitarist. She became famous, rich and left her neighborhood. When he leaves, she returns, and they reconcile. The emotional plot, excellent editing and songs sung by legendary singer Amalia Rodriguez made this film one of the biggest box office hits in Portugal.

  • a conspiracy Under the title ” Fado and the sea ‘, by singer Rodrigo Costa Felix.

In addition to concerts and tours in Portugal and abroad, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the world of fado has allowed Rodrigo Costa Félix to lead numerous workshops and conferences on fado at universities, schools and festivals.

  • a Fado representative gallery Made by Vadoo Museum And the Ijak (Portuguese company for cultural animation and equipment management)


Tuesday 20 September – Mohammed V National Theater – Rabat

8:00 pm – Concert by Joanna Amenduera

Thursday 22 September  Live Art Studio – Casablanca

exposure “Fado and the sea »

6:00 pm – Cinema:  Fado, Historia de Uma Cantadera »

Feature Film Perdigao Quiroga

20:00. – Concert by Joanna Amenduera

Friday 23 September  Live Art Studio – Casablanca

exposure “Fado and the sea »

7:00 PM – Conference: “Fado and the sea”, By Rodrigo Costa Felix

20:00. – musical party Kamani and Mario Laginha