Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


Salted butter and long grain rice were the products that recorded the greatest price correction, while the price of liquid yoghurt was the one that soared the most.

Between the day before the entry into force of zero VAT and last Wednesday, May 17, the price of the basket of essential goods 41 food products covered by this measure has shrunk by 10.96 euros. The basket went from costing 138.77 euros to costing 127.81 euros, which represents a decrease of 7.9%, according to the accounts carried out by the Portuguese Association for Consumer Defense (Deco).


At issue is the monitoring of 41 of the 46 foods – which include turkey, chicken, horse mackerel, hake, onion, potato, carrot, banana, apple, orange, rice, spaghetti, sugar, milk, cheese or butter – which, since 18 April, became exempt from VAT, following the tripartite agreement between the Government, distribution and production.


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