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Five graduate fashion designers of the prestigious fashion school “AthensFashionClub” in Greece, will exhibit their creations in sustainable fashion during the next trade fair in "Premiere Vision Paris", with the “iTechStyle Green Circle” Project from Portugal.

“iTechStyle Green Circle - Sustainability Showcase”, the sustainable exhibition during the last edition of Modtissimo 7th & 8th of October in Porto, was the most impressing highlight of the trade fair that attracted international fashion buyers, manufactures, designers, universities and other fashion professionals from all over the world.


In this global Project, textile companies and talented emerging designers joined forces to create the most innovative sustainable textile project. The Portuguese companies sponsored sustainable fabrics to young designers in order to create innovative avant-garde creations with the signature of <<100% sustainable, made in Portugal>>.


Manuel Serrão, CEO of Selectiva Moda, the association that promotes the event said: “Modtissimo is working together with Citeve, a technological research center that develops innovative textiles and with Portuguese sustainable companies on it. The exportations have raised significant the last 5 years and we are proud that our strategy has been proved successful. Citeve and Green Circle lead sustainable fashion and designers should grab the chance to reveal their talent with those materials!”


Maria Vytinidou, fashion designer and founder of AthensFashionClub proudly describes her experience from Modtissimo:

''Portugal is open for Business and we realized this when we started for the first time collaborating with the Portuguese Embassy in Athens and AICEP Portugal-Trade & Investment Agency, in 2019. They encouraged us to visit Modtissimo in Porto and since then we source all the sustainable materials from Portuguese manufacturers, who are the most competitive, reliable and versatile in Europe, in an era that only few can sustain these features.They are pioneers in the textile industry.

The Green Circle Project exhibits at the most prestigious fashion events such as Neonyt, Momad, Who’s Next & Premiere Vision in Paris and our students have the chance to be among the best designers, there too! It is such a privilege and honor for us this collaboration!"


Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos, General Director of AthensFashionClub, during the training he provided for fashion professionals in Modtissimo, in Porto, said:'' We should all embrace sustainability as a new business model for our fashion brands. Consumers have started the last years to be more concerned about the environmental pollution and ethical fashion. Sustainability is a business opportunity and a need at the same time. Designers and fashion brands should consider themselves as a part of the solution and not as a part of the problem.”


Try to remember your next fashion event: February 2022, Premiere Vision Paris, at the Forum of <<Green Circle>> from Portugal.

There, you will meet the emerging designers from AthensFashionClub and all the talented people that work together for a better fashion world.