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With the participation of a great number of Greek and foreign fur-making businesses, the 47th KASTORIA International Fur Fair will be opening its doors 25-28 August, 2022, offering Exhibitors the opportunity to present their new collections for the 22/23 Winter Season, at an exhibition event which attracts hundreds of commercial buyers of the most significant fur markets worldwide.

The International Exhibition Center of Kastoria will be transformed into an international crossroads of business activity, after two years of compulsory hiatus, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In compliance with all the health protocols, commercial buyers will be able to procure products straight from the only fur production center of the Western world—Kastoria—choosing from a wide range of ready-made fur and leather garments as well as garments made from a combination of these and other materials.


Approximately 6000 commercial buyers have been invited to the Fur Fair via a newsletter sent by the organizers to email accounts from the Kastorian Fur Association’s constantly updated database. At the same time, Exhibitors will display samples from their collections on the Fur Fair’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), which have thousands of followers in dozens of countries.

To submit your application, please contact the organizer (The Kastorian Fur Association) 

Kastorian Fur Association

Industrial Area of Kastoria

P.O. BOX 4, 52057, Kastoria, Greece

Tel.: +30 24670 22353 / + 30 24670 23116

Fax : + 30 24670 28271