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The Most Advanced Screening Service for Optimal Spray Dried Dispersions Formulation.

Hovione, the leader in Pharmaceutical Spray Drying, today announced the launch of ASD-HIPROS, a proprietary screening service for spray dried dispersions. This platform is the most advanced and most accurate tool to identify optimal and commercially viable Amorphous Solid Dispersions formulation by Spray Drying (ASDs). During drug development, it is crucial to quickly find the optimal formulation assuring fast progress to clinical supplies and minimal formulation changes till commercialization.


ASD-HIPROS, the Hovione Intelligent PROprietary Screening methodology, is able to rapidly screen for the best combination of polymers, drug loads, surfactants and solvents by using an advanced computational tool followed by producing scale-independent representative samples of the most promising formulations, which are evaluated for performance and stability.