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An article about 'The consequences of War on the IT Outsourcing landscape' by Unipartner.

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy from any point of view. This is especially so, for the poor Ukrainians that have seen their country invaded, their houses destroyed, their lives interrupted, and many relatives and friends being injured or even killed.

It is also tragic for those Russian and Belarusian people that are against the war and get involved (directly or indirectly) in it, suffering from the sanctions that were fairly imposed by the US, EU, and allies, as well as from internal repression in their home countries.


Finally, it is a tragedy for the world. Who could imagine that in the 21st century one of the largest armies in the world would unfairly and illegally invade another country and use all its might to destroy and submit the latter to its will? What will be the geo-socio-economical-political consequences of such move from Russia?


Certainly, there will be many. This is already being made clear with the increasing isolation of Russia, pushing Europe, as well as most of the Western World, to become less dependent, not only of Russia, but also of any other geography. This increased independence, by the way, is a need that had already been identified at the beginning of the Covid-19 period, and that is now becoming even more urgent, not least because of the fear that China will eventually make a similar move against Taiwan.

This is a broad and complex topic, far beyond the scope of my expertise. For this article, let’s focus only on the consequences of this war on the IT Outsourcing (including, onshore nearshore and offshore) landscape.


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