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The majority of Portuguese residents in the Algarve work either directly or indirectly in tourism or have a family member who receives income from tourism. In addition, the Portuguese are quite happy with the tourism in the region.

On 17 February, two studies were presented in Faro to find out more about how Algarvians view tourism in the region, as well as how tourists feel about the region. The first study revealed that around two-thirds of Portuguese citizens living in the Algarve have part or all of their household income from the tourism sector.


The study had the participation of 4,000 respondents, spread across the Algarve's 16 municipalities, for the first time in a different study measuring the happiness of residents in relation to tourist activity. To the question "Am I a happy person?" most residents answered yes and the municipality where most people feel happy is in Lagoa.


However, residents also point out some negative aspects of tourism. On an economic level, 91.5 percent indicate that tourism increases the price of houses, 86.4 percent say that tourism increases the cost of living and 75.5 percent point out that goods and services are more expensive.


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