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Portugal is the 22nd largest global furniture exporter, with a total of €1.24B in gross value. Portuguese brands conquered over 160 world markets.


The world-renowned Portuguese furniture & home design cluster is best known for its robust quality, strong design, and high customization level. With a particular focus on innovation, Portuguese furniture & home design brands stake on partnerships with high-level world designers for product development, new outstanding styles, and interior design solutions, reinventing our home experience and comfort. Portugal is the world's 22nd largest exporter and 13rd in Europe and an emergent cluster in the Portuguese industry scene.

Portuguese home decor, furniture, and design are all about legacy and tradition, a craft built over the ages by the finest artisans. This form of art is seconded by histories carved in wood, stone, and fabric, put together to form a unique piece that will persist over time. Industry-wise, the production evolved to a new level of sophistication and contemporary design that never overshadows the craftsmen and human touch of simplicity and style composed by rich textures, natural exotic wood, and gorgeous new colors.

The craft legacy is also carved in sustainability. The Portuguese industry is firmly committed to environmental concerns, adopting the best practices to mitigate the ecological and social impact of the manufacturing processes. A strong example is the increased use of natural cork in a significant range of products. Cork is present in light fixtures, coverings, home furniture, and even on subway chairs in Lisbon. This natural material has no limits, and Portugal is the world's biggest producer, with an overwhelming knowledge of all its possibilities and flexibility.

The new Google store in New York City is an excellent example of the great use of natural cork in interior design. Inaugurated in June 2021, almost all furniture is made with Portuguese natural cork. "I truly believe that cork is a high-value material for the future of design and architecture. It has incredible characteristics and performance and, in addition, sustains an entire ecosystem, being a unique example that all materials should follow (…)," states Daniel Michalik, head designer for the furniture project.

Portugal showcases its best brands and products in the American market with the global campaign MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally. This highly referenced campaign has highlighted unique Portuguese products and brands from various crucial sectors to establish an agile bridge between American and Portuguese companies and investors. Keep up with all the information, selected clusters, companies, and case studies at


The MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally campaign is an AICEP - Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency initiative directed to the American market. It will showcase the best of Portugal's sustainable and innovative products from several industries: from fashion to home furnishings, building materials to technology, food & beverage, and the molds industry.

The campaign statement seeks to focus, professionalize, and aggregate Portuguese products and services, allowing them instant recognition for their potential and effort, supported by acknowledging Portugal's reputation as a modern, innovating, and trend-setting country.

The MADE IN PORTUGAL naturally campaign targets the United States of America, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom and will take place throughout 2021.

The narrative of the digital campaign follows consumer and communication trends. It focuses on the values that differentiate and promote the Portuguese offer's recognition in the international market: Sustainability, Know-how, Tradition, Authenticity, Quality, Design, Innovation, and Customization.

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