Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The strategy to create this new European Centre of Excellence and Innovation implied an investment in new resources and the integration of a technological knowledge accelerator, which was achieved through the acquisition of Unsettled, a Portuguese company specialised in innovation and growth.

Diogo Felisberto stated: "It was crucial that we had specific skills that would allow us to follow this approach of innovation and growth. Unsettled is a young and unique company in the market, but brings with it human and intellectual capital of great value to the new strategy, and has fitted in perfectly with Kaizen Institute's corporate culture. We are a results-oriented implementation company, working side-by-side with the client, sharing all the objectives with them. The company joining us would also have to have this pragmatic consulting DNA".


Hugo de Sousa, Managing Partner of Innovation by Kaizen said: "Digital transformation, innovation and efficiency are the current major growth drivers that match Unsettled's areas of intervention, both in national and international projects. We share the Kaizen Institute's strategic vision and the working model it advocates, focused on teamwork and getting results. Competition is increasingly aggressive and global, and therefore, it is essential to ensure a cross-cutting optimisation that allows companies to innovate easily, explore complementary or strategic areas, gain competitiveness and grow. This is where we will support them".

Innovation by Kaizen will develop the sectors of industry, logistics, transport, health, retail, government, telecommunications, banking, and energy, among others. "The aim is not to reach more sectors, but to increase the depth of support we provide to businesses in terms of transformation as we will explore areas that are absolutely strategic, such as innovation, growth and digital transformation".


Innovation by Kaizen estimates to have 300 employees in the next five years and half of them will focus on international market development.