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Sense Test is the first sensory analysis company created in Portugal.

Since 2000, its services have made it possible to bring brands closer to consumers, analysing and studying consumers’ global perception of a product. Through sensory studies in food and non-food products, innovation is combined with a highly qualified team, which meets the strictest


international standards. The diversity of tests carried out – in laboratory environment, using virtual reality or at home – allow the assessment of facts, sensations and emotions captured during each moment of the consumption journey. With about 2,500 projects per year, more than 10,000 samples/year are evaluated. A vast network of evaluators – which includes different consumer profiles - enables Sense Test to capture the essential analytical data so that brands can optimize their products, for greater attractiveness and assessment of perceived quality.


What motivates a consumer to choose one product over another? Which sensations can be captured while tasting a food product or how is smoothness perceived in a home product? These are just some of the questions that Sense Test can answer for the brands it works with. All of this sensory data is collected, studied and archived, allowing the company to reach an

outstanding goal – 2 0 million data points collected.


Reaching this level sets the tone for a special action, which brings together the entire Sense Test community, which the company wants to share with everyone. “Reflecting on our company, we realize that we are all part of a common cause – employees, former employees, customers, partners, researchers, suppliers and institutions which we associate with.


Therefore, this goal would have to be shared with everyone”, says Rui Costa Lima, CEO. This motivation gave birth to the idea of celebrating this important milestone, in terms of sensory data collected, with a commemorative t-shirt that all participants in the company's activity are invited to wear. Directly at home or at the office, shirts are arriving, which include an invitation for each person to join the action on social media, using the hashtag #sense20million.


Over the next few days, it is expected that Sense Test community will join this action and that social networks will reflect the close connection bonding the company and the people who - in various contexts - make it reach higher.