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Only the Czech Republic surpasses Portugal in this regard, according to the latest Savills "impact" study.

Portugal is the second most attractive country for nearshoring and offshoring, ahead of economies such as Austria, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Finland. Only the Czech Republic surpasses Portugal, according to the latest Savills “impact” study.


“Portugal has made a very relevant path in the different ESG aspects, which together with other parameters make us currently one of the best alternatives to relocate investments in the industry,” said Pedro Figueiras, associate director of industrial and logistics at Savills.


“The logistics segment was already seeing vigorous growth in investment. There is also a growing interest in the industrial sector, a trend that we hope continues, which will be excellent news for our country,” he added, quoted in a statement.


The pandemic, geopolitical tensions and the growing importance of sustainability for consumers are changing the way society thinks about globalisation and supply chains, which were previously organised to minimise costs, the Savills study explained.

Investors in financial markets are increasingly looking for companies with good sustainability criteria, which is putting pressure on manufacturers to improve their ESG performance and forcing them to reconsider supply chains.