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The Albanian group is now using Frotcom to monitor fuel consumption and has significantly reduced its fleet's fuel costs.

Y Salla Group is an Albanian cargo and freight company dedicated to international transportation with trucks. Currently, the group has 15 trucks equipped with Frotcom, leading to notable advantages and decreased fuel expenses.


The group's main goal was to find a reliable fleet management solution to monitor all its fleet trucks' fuel consumption in one system and, ultimately, reduce fuel costs. The Y Salla group thus considered Frotcom the best bet for achieving its fleet management goals. According to the client, the combination of Frotcom's top-notch system and the Frotcom team's specialized know-how had what it took to overcome the challenge of improving fleet fuel consumption monitoring and thus reducing it.


Using Frotcom's Fuel management module, the Y Salla group enjoyed several benefits. The group manages its fleet's fuel consumption using fuel sensors. By installing digital sensors specifically calibrated for each truck to convert the value measured into liters, the group gets the most accurate readings for each fleet vehicle, no matter the shape of the tank.


In addition, Y Salla Group uses Frotcom's Fleet alarms and Route planning and monitoring to increase productivity and reduce fleet costs.


"The training and support provided by Frotcom were excellent, and the support team has extensive truck fleet experience. The fuel level sensors have been absolutely essential as we have been working to reduce fuel consumption. As a result, we have already reduced fuel consumption by more than 10 percent", shared Klajdi Salla, Owner of Y Salla Group.