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Is your startup interested in access to Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)? You may be more successful in landing an investment if you learn to look from their perspective. What’s in it for them?

For CVCs financial returns on investments are usually only part of the equation. Large corporations can use investments as a vehicle to get early access to new innovations. They strategically look for companies developing assets and technologies that might complement their pipeline in the future.


So how do CVCs maximize the value for their company with a balance between capital and strategic objectives? How do they measure their success? They may invest early or late. They may invest close to the core business to sustain incremental innovation or ahead of business into peripheral and/or disruptive innovation. They may work independent from their mother company or work closely with the business units. By following a portfolio approach, a CVC might actually be doing all of that at the same time.


Join the discussion during this Johnson & Johnson Innovation webinar as we explore the spectrum of strategic venturing. During the panel investors from CVCs with different approaches share insights focusing on the biotech ecosystem.




15:00 Introduction by Johnson & Johnson Innovation


15:05 Fund structures and the relevance of Equity Investing


15:15 Panel discussion

Lucio Iannone | Vice President Venture Investments, Leaps by Bayer

Fiona MacLaughlin | Principal, Venture Investment, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC

Barbara Dalton | Senior Managing Partner, Pfizer Ventures (invited*)

Ezra Miller | moderator (invited*)

* subject to confirmation


16:45 Audience Q&A


16:00 Event Close


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