Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


SOLARISFLOAT, a 100 percent Portuguese company part of (Portuguese Technological Group), positions itself as a technological partner in the Floating Solar Photovoltaic market, with its innovative PROTEVS® solution.

PROTEVS® consists in a floating platform with a solar tracking system (with 1 or 2 axis) that aims to maximize the energy production, when compared with other existing solutions. The platform turns around its vertical axis, where the pv modules can have inclinations with different angles, ensuring an optimization in energy production.


Considering several perspectives, among which the environmental impact, PROTEVS® stands out for the quality of the materials used (thermoplastics with UV additive), in order to ensure a durability and resistance greater than 20 years. The solution was specifically designed not to fully cover the water surface (sunlight is allowed to pass) minimizing the impact in the local ecosystem and enhancing a greater cooling effect of the photovoltaic modules.


Having been subjected to several tests of resistance, quality and durability by independent entities, the PROTEVS® solution is positioned as a modular and scalable solution for different approaches in the floating photovoltaic solar.


Considering its strategy of positioning in several world markets, SOLARISFLOAT currently has 5 patents registered in more than 120 countries and ensure efficient energy production from the water surface with a perspective of sustainability, enhancing the growth of the renewable energies, focusing in floating solar photovoltaic solutions.