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The Austrian tech company for customised software development and UX design intends to integrate 50 new professionals in the new Porto centre during the first two years of activity.

Parkside Interactive has expanded its activity into the Portuguese market. By opening a development centre in Porto, it will be possible for the organisation to develop technology for all its areas of activity, as well as attract qualified IT talent. The Austrian technology company for custom software development and UX design intends to integrate 50 new professionals in the first two years.


“Given Parkside’s growth, we saw in Portugal, and namely in Porto, the ideal place to move forward with our purpose of developing an increasingly personalized technological solution, and that allows us to support our clients on a daily basis. It is with this in mind that in Porto we want to strengthen the qualified technological talent in our teams, creating job opportunities”, says Paulo Moura, director of Parkside Interactive Portugal.


“Since our foundation we have identified ourselves as a place where professionals can develop, through a collaborative culture and based on strategies that keep in mind their needs, flexibility, as well as the balance between professional and personal life, namely through maternity support. These are exactly the values we now want to take to the Porto community, integrating the city’s culture in our way of working,” he adds, quoted in a press release.


The new development centre in Porto will welcome 50 new employees specialised in IT, namely engineers, in the first two years of activity.


The city’s growing recognition as a global technology centre of excellence, as well as the favourable conditions it offers, such as stability and security, were decisive factors in choosing Porto as the location for the expansion. Paulo Moura, with long experience in management positions in multinational companies and with extensive knowledge of the Porto ecosystem, assumes the position of director of the new location.