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With the expansion of their site in Barcelos, Portugal, Swiss-based Beck Automation AG is expanding their international production capacities and making a clear commitment to their activities in Portugal.

Since 2016, the company has been manufacturing IML automation solutions in the north of Portugal. Due to the increasing demand, the management team around company owner Nicolas Beck decided to rebuild and expand the manufacturing site.


Furthermore, most of Beck Automation's suppliers are located in the north of Portugal. "The Portuguese location has improved cooperation with our suppliers. In Barcelos, we found a very good overall package, with suppliers who speak our language and have our Swiss understanding of quality. We have also been able to optimize delivery times so that we can react more quickly and flexibly for our end customers," explains Nando Spalinger, General Manager Portugal. But the location in Portugal also has other advantages, as Spalinger makes clear: "We have found many, well-trained specialists on site who do excellent work. This is also due to the Portuguese mentality and culture, which fits well with us and our company. We have experienced our Portuguese colleagues as loyal, friendly and ambitious people." In addition, many manufacturers of plastic molds also settled in Portugal in the last years. Beck Automation also benefits from this. "In order to be successful in the packaging industry, a close exchange with all players is important for us. This is the only way we can continue to be highly innovative and develop effective and future-oriented IML solutions for our customers, because this is what our customers and partners expect from us," says Beck.