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Dynatos partners with the Portuguese technology provider IDW2 and widens activities in IBERIA. With the partnership in Portugal, Dynatos takes a next step in bringing finance and procurement transformation to Iberia.

Dynatos has been active in Iberia with an office in Madrid, Spain since 2017 and has a client base over 80 customers and partners. "Since the start in Spain, we've also noticed a growing demand for finance and procurement transformation in Portugal," says Antonio Garcia Guerrero, VP Europe South at Dynatos. "As a Strategic Partner, we believe in market expertise, personal approach, and innovative technology that match customer needs.


With the IDW2 partnership, we can serve the Portuguese market the same way as the rest of the regions where Dynatos operates in. With the market knowledge of IDW2, our offering including the leading procurement platform from Coupa software, and our finance transformation offerings like Routty and the Kofax ReadSoft solutions, we believe we can make a difference in Portugal," comments Garcia.


IDW2 offers multiple technology solutions based on their client's needs, knowledge and experience, and of course, their quality of services. As the General Manager of IDW2, Maria Helena Lopes, stated - "This approach to Dynatos, with all its technological offering, is an added value as it will complement our offering to Customers and the Portuguese market in general. And with this, the vision of Digital Transformation in Organizations. At the internal level of the company, the enhancer of development of our employees."


"With over 14 years of experience and the personal customer approach of IDW2, it is a perfect fit with the "Strategic Partnership" strategy of Dynatos. We look forward to successful cooperation within Portugal and the rest of Iberia," finalizes Maria Helena Lopes