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PlatformE, the Portugal-based company that is on a mission to drastically reduce overproduction in fashion, is conducting a webinar to help fashion brands/factories accelerate their digital transformation towards on-demand manufacturing and more sustainable practices. PlatformE powers at scale mass customisation and digital collections across industries.

The webinar 'Overcome excess production challenges with on-demand manufacturing for fashion' will be hosted by Fibre2Fashion on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 04:00 p.m. London time.


During the webinar, Reinaldo Costa Moreira, the head of Supply Chain at PlatformE – an end-to-end platform solution for on-demand manufacturing in fashion – and as an industrial engineer will be sharing some thoughts on how to take fashion’s supply chain to the next level.


The webinar will cover: challenges and breakthroughs in the fashion industry, digital business models and their impacts in the supply chain, smart factories and smart chains, digital product creation for digital selling, the viability for on-demand manufacturing, and nearshoring and the sustainability mindset.


The webinar acquires significance as post-pandemic, digitalisation has been taking the centre stage as the fashion industry has witnessed a lot of turbulence with order cancellations leading to over-stocking and other challenges in the supply chain. A solution that offers on-demand manufacturing in the fashion industry can be a boon to the digital world and 3D in particular.

Post-webinar, participants will be able to create their own blueprint to accelerate the digital transformation towards on-demand manufacturing and more sustainable practices for their own fashion brand or factory.


Moreira has a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Porto, with his Master's Thesis focusing on Inditex and H&M's supply chain. He served as project manager for the internationalisation of Portugal's biggest fashion retail group in more than 10 countries, via franchising, wholesale, and joint ventures. Was until Dec 2020 the CEO and founder of a factory-to-consumer e-commerce marketplace, that bridged ethical fashion between end-consumers and manufacturers. Following the acquisition of his previous venture by PlatformE, Moreira joined the team as head of Supply chain.


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