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EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will launch a special U.S.-EU high-level business-to-business (B2B) forum on offshore wind aiming to bring together key players from both sides of the Atlantic – policymakers, companies and investors – to outline the challenges ahead for these emerging technologies and to find new areas for cooperation.

As part of their respective climate change mitigation strategies, the United States and the European Union have both announced ambitious offshore wind power deployment targets for the year 2030 – 30 GW in the U.S. and at least 60 GW in the EU.


With already 16 GW of grid-connected capacity from 76 offshore wind farms in the EU, Europe is leading in offshore wind deployment and has important experience to share with its partners. The US offshore wind sector is in its early stages, with 2 offshore wind farms in operation to date, but with a vibrant industry emerging in support of a growing project pipeline. The EU-US partnership in offshore wind can have important implications for the pace of deployment in the US, the EU and across the globe.

Held in conjunction with the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) 2022, which takes place on 26-28 April and is hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), this will be third business-to-business forum organised within the framework of the U.S.-EU Energy Council. The previous fora, held in 2019 and 2020, respectively, focused on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and small modular nuclear reactors. 


No fee to the U.S.-EU B2B Forum event will be requested to candidates registered through this process. A fee will still apply for participants willing to attend the IPF event that takes place before and after the U.S.-EU B2B session.


Please register your expression of interest in this special session by Wednesday 20 April 2022.


Only registered participants will have free access to this event in Atlantic City. [Please note that web-streaming option is under consideration and might be confirmed at a later stage].


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