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Portugal recorded the third-largest drop in the public debt ratio among European Union (EU) countries in 2022.

In the comparison between the fourth quarter of 2022 and the third, the reduction was the largest. However, even with the decrease in the public debt ratio to 113.9%, this remains the third highest among Member States, according to Eurostat data.


The fall in Portugal's public debt ratio was 11.5 percentages (p.p.) in 2022, the third largest. Greece led debt reduction, retreating 23.3 p.p., followed by Cyprus, (-14.7 p.p.).


In the quarterly comparison, Portuguese debt fell by 5.9 percentage points (p.p.) compared to the third quarter of 2022, the highest in the European Union. Cyprus (-4.8 p.p.), Greece (-4.5 p.p.), Ireland (-4.4 p.p.) and Austria (-3.0 p.p.) followed.


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