Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


After several years in the making by 3DCork, NATTU comes to accentuate the ecological lifestyle that is soothing and enables us to live connected to Nature.

The launching is under the motto "back to the essential" and we bring to life these collections using only cork, in its different forms, colors, and shapes.


Nature and earth are the beginning.


As a result of a willingness to bring the design to everyday items, at the beginning of 2022 NATTU starts to address stores, boutiques, and everyone who wants to bring a glimpse of nature to their home with pure lines, from Portugal to the world.


NATTU incorporates sustainability policies throughout all the supply network by seeking partners that take into consideration, not just ecological policies, but the best practices towards their people, hence:

- no trees are chopped for our production.

- our package is minimalist, and no plastics are involved

- our production has a no-waste policy.

- we create our own energy by having solar panels installed in our factory.

- we upcycle our products.


Our motto, back to the essential, made in Portugal.