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Swiss Post – the Swiss national postal service – has chosen Lisbon as the seat of its first I/T Campus outside of Switzerland. This centre has started to operate a few days ago and its main mission is to provide key IT skills to support Swiss Post's operation in Switzerland, namely in digitalizing the logistics operations, but also in expanding data analytics and cyber security skills.

The I/T Campus will be located at Rua Castilho 2 in the heart of Lisbon and will employ 50 IT specialists by the end of 2023 and about 150 in the coming years. Employees will have strong IT profiles mostly in the areas of software development, data & business analytics as well as cybersecurity.


Swiss Post is a company that operates in the markets of communication, logistics, financial retail and passenger transport. Its goal is to contribute to a modern Switzerland with reliable services in both the physical and digital worlds. Swiss Post currently employs around 47,000 employees in Switzerland and in 2022 was voted the "best postal service in the world" by the UN’s Universal Postal Union for the sixth time in a row.


Swiss Post’s IT unit plays a key role in leading the Swiss Post Group's digitization journey. It is one of the largest IT departments in Switzerland, with about 1,300 internal employees and 400 external IT specialists, responsible for running Swiss Post's IT needs. It manages more than 400 software projects per year, runs more than 1,000 applications and has about 5,000 databases.