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Host Entities 

Host Entities

Applications for the 25th edition of International internships will be open from June 2021. The placement of interns will take place at the beginning of the year 2022. Please keep in touch and consult the Timetable.


Please let us know if you would like to receive first-hand notice on the opening of the application period and your interest in


Please let us know if you would like to receive first-hand notice on the opening of the application period and your interest in hosting interns next year, by registering here. 




Formar talento Português

6 months internships

Apoiar a Internacionalização das Empresas

Highly qualified & motivated human capital

Promover a imagem de Portugal no mundo


What we offer


    Up to 29 years old

    Degree in Management, Marketing, Engineering, ICT/High Tech, Tourism

    Architecture, Design, Human Resources, Law, Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Agriculture, among many others.

    Fluency in English

    And other languages like Spanish, French or Mandarin.

    Motivated to work abroad

    And to put into practice their talent and knowledge.

What we look for in a host entity


Companies located outside of Portugal

Strong internship plan

That bring added value to the host entity and to the intern


Ability to follow up and evaluate the intern

By appointing a local coordinator, as well as ensuring the intern’s integration with the local team

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Conditions for host entities’ admission

Estágio em Portugal

Contribution for the intern's qualification and professional development.

Estágio no Estrangeiro

Clearly defined internationalization strategy.

Seminário de Encerramento e Apoio à Integração

Availability to integrate the trainee post internship.

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Entities that work with us and took their business further

Almost 1300 multinational companies, international organizations, NGOs and startups have already received INOV Contacto interns

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What they say about us

Helsinki, Finland

“I like the programs idea to deliver young and talented people to work across the world in different organizations. This arrangement benefits both the intern and the hosting organization. Furthermore, I am surprised how little bureaucracy is involved in the whole internship process.”

Olli Matilainen - Biotechnology Institute (University of Helsinki)

Helsinki, Finland

Max Thabiso Edkins

“We are very satisfied with the program and we found it mutually beneficial both for the intern and for our company. The program is very efficient, Adriana Mendes was very helpful and she responded very efficient to all the questions and requirements that we had.”

Sorin Stanescu - Lig Nanowise

Manchester, United Kingdom

Lorenzo de Bartolomeis

“It was great to have some additional help but it was also a great opportunity to have some international perspective on what we are doing here in the US. Luis was a fresh pair of eyes and helped us develop some new initiatives. He was a terrific addition to our team. He was helpful, curious, and efficient. My only regret is that he wasn't here longer!”

David Meservey

Symington Family Estates, EUA

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Winning Project on Investing in
Entrepreneurial Skills category at a National level

Shortlisted Project at a European level

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23 years of INOV Contacto

More than 5800 estagios More than 80 paises More than 1200 entities 70% employability rate 98% entity satisfaction

EEPA National Winner on the category "Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills" (2019)

Selected as a success case of supported Community programmes (2015-2016)

Good Practice by School to Work project, ESF (2013)

Good Practice by Creative and Cultural Industries (2010)

Case Study by OECD recommended for replication by Welsh Assembly Government (2008)

Good Practice by Enterprise and Industry Directorate General (2007)

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Protocolo Entidades


Protocolo Entidades

Internship Protocol



If you have questions about our internships check Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at