we build construction works which leave a mark

Bridges, highways, ports airports, sports stadiums, schools, hospitals and palaces. The Portuguese ability to build masterpieces is present worldwide.

we develop medicines

Zebinix in the treatment of epilepsy. Opicapone in the treatment of the Parkinson disease. Two medicines developed in Portugal. New medicines of Portuguese origin are about to improve your well-being.

we build aircraft

In Portugal we develop interiors for eco-sustainable aircraft and engineering systems. We build air-structures for Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Pilatus and Dassault planes.

we move people

Cars, buses and component parts come out of Portuguese factories every day bringing life to great world brands and help transport people.

we connect businesses

Skilled human resources, competitive fiscal and labor systems, top telecommunications networks and pleasant working environments. Reasons why CEOs choose Portugal to install Shared Service Centers connecting their business to the world.

we rediscover the sea

We build and transform large ships and bring life to luxury sailboats. From the sea we obtain fish that make our gastronomy unique, seaweed for luxury cosmetics and new forms of energy. Our ports own competitive advantages which make them a required transit point. We discover new ways to create value in the Sea Economy.

we prepare the future

We develop teaching contents, technologies and equipment. Computers, tablets, interactive boards and tables, projectors and furniture improve the performance of both teachers and students.

we turn science into well-being

Portugal has research and development centres where scientific discoveries are born to revolutionize everyday life. Unique people devote the best of their skills to this cause and receive awards for it.

we open the doors to the future

Portuguese technology is present in financial services, healthcare, transport, education, security and defense, facilitating your daily life and opening the doors to the future.

we make tools

We produce tools which accurately mold plastic, metal, wood and composite materials, creating complex forms that bring life to products of major brands.

we create unique pieces

We produce furniture parts, textiles, home appliances and lighting, that make your home unique and your commercial spaces exclusive.

we renew your energy

We are pioneers in the transformation of water, wind and sun into energy and in the creation of technologies that ensure today a better tomorrow. Solar panels and wind towers made in Portugal make our planet greener.

we innovate in cork

We go beyond the cork stopper. We are leaders in the production of cork and innovative in its application in aircraft, fashion, surf boards, kayaks, safety helmets and construction.

we make wines and olive oil that the world applaudes

From our agricultural fields and from our sea we make high quality processed and unprocessed products. Internationally recognized wines, olive oils and preserves, appreciated by consumers for their quality and innovation.

we are fashion

Portuguese Fashion is fashionable. We have quality, innovation and creativity. We dress very important figures: you.

we are a creative people

Remarkable books, emotional films, enchanting music and dance. Inspiring designs, paintings that challenge your senses, touching sculptures and limit-defying architecture. Our creativity never ends and is awarded prizes such as the Nobel, Pritzker and Grammy.

we equip the champions

We develop equipment that helps athletes become champions. Swimsuits and kayaks made in Portugal break world records and win olympic medals.

we are entrepreneurs

We have an entrepreneurial ecosystem which attracts talents from all over the world. Excellent incubators, experienced mentors and the adventurous spirit of the entrepreneurs are accelerating the birth of companies that revolutionize your life.

we have a million reasons for you to visit us

Beautiful beaches, abundant sun, splendid nature, rich historic heritage and a gastronomy that challenges your senses. Portugal welcomes millions of tourists who leave with a promise to return.

Portugal is a modern, sophisticated and future-oriented country. We are capable of combining tradition and innovation in what we do in a surprising way. A welcoming country, filled with sunshine, breathtaking landscapes and a unique gastronomy. We are an open and multicultural country, able to gather the best of our experience and knowledge to originate solutions that push forward global businesses.
Portugal, a country that will surprise you.

portugal surprises

AICEP would like to thank all the Portuguese entities that have made this presentation possible. All rights reserved.