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Portugal has been ranked as the fourth greenest country in the EU, outranked only by Sweden (first), Norway (second) and Iceland (third), according to NimbleFins (July 2020).


The study, launched In July 2020, is based on environmental data from the European Environmental Agency, Eurostat and the WHO (World Health Organisation) and analyses European countries across six categories – waste, energy, greenhouse gases, air quality, freshwater and natural land.


With consistent showing across the board, Portugal ranks in the top half of every category with particular strength in energy and air quality categories.


Portugal gets 30 per cent of its energy from renewable sources, which beats the study average of 25 per cent. The air quality is measured by the concentration of PM2.5 – Portugal found itself in sixth place with a value of 7.9 micrograms per cubic metre, a better value than the study average of 12.3.


Portugal is open for clean business.


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