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Portugal Open for Business: BIAL launches a new drug for Parkinson's Disease


BIAL, the largest Portuguese pharmaceutical company, saw its second research drug approved by the FDA. It is a drug for Parkinson's Disease that will start to be marketed in the USA by the end of this year.


BIAL is a pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Portugal and locations throughout Europe and the USA, which focuses on research and development in the field of CNS diseases.

Opicapone, BIAL's drug for Parkinson's disease, is currently marketed in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In addition to the USA, the drug developed in Portugal was also approved in Japan in June 2020.

These approvals are a milestone in BIAL's R&D program. They reaffirm the Portuguese company's continued commitment to the quality of life of patients worldwide and are a testament to the capabilities of the Portuguese healthcare sector.


Portugal is a country open to business, ready to provide innovation to the world. BIAL is one of many examples of Portugal Open For Business. 




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