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Portugal Open for Business: Adira launches world's largest metal 3D printer


Portuguese company Adira Metal Forming Solutions has just taken the next step in metal 3D printing: the AC210, the largest metal 3D printer in the world, has just come on the market, standing out for its use of Powder Bed Fusion laser technology and its large-scale printing capacity (1 m x 1 m x 0.5 m). 

With a range of industrial uses, the AC210 presents solutions tailored to the aeronautics and space industry, to the different energy sectors, to prototyping, to the automotive industry, and more, allowing for the creation of unique parts in order to eliminate stock accumulation and create geometries that would be impossible using other manufacturing processes. The increase by up to five times of the processing speed with a multi-laser system makes productivity soar.

 The closed powder circulation system with an interchangeable printing table and independent scraper are the work base for the action of the five lasers which give shape and form to the metal part. All of the AddCreator powder management operations are automated in a closed cycle system, where functions such as sieving, storing, transporting, dispensing and re-coating are all totally automated. The powder management operations are monitored in real time, which facilitates diagnostics by the machine operator.

A pioneer in technological innovation for the industry, Adira Metal Forming Solutions is advancing with the commercial launch of the world's largest metal 3D printer in Portugal and in various export markets, reinforcing its goal of going from Iberian leadership to a multi-continental structure. 

With a history of over 60 years as a benchmark manufacturer and global supplier of engineering solutions, Adira Metal Forming Solutions stands out in the production of hydraulic press brakes, shears and robotised cells, carrying out intensive research and development in large-scale additive manufacturing.

Portugal is a country open for business, ready provide innovation the world. Adira is an example of Portugal Open For Business.

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