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The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030 is the instrument that defines the course for the public ocean policy for the next decade. It was approved by the Ministers Council on May 6, 2021, fulfilling one of the aims of the XXII Constitutional Government Program.

The National Ocean Strategy 2021-2030 (NOS 2021-2030) is based on the importance of scientific knowledge, on the protection of the Ocean, on the strength of traditional and emerging sectors of the blue economy, and on the valorization of marine ecosystem services and the recognition of their role as vectors of sustainable development.

The NOS 2021-2030 aims to enhance the contribution of the sea to the country's economy, the prosperity and well-being of Portuguese people, and respond to the great challenges of the decade, strengthening Portugal's position as an eminently maritime nation.

The guiding principles of the NOS 2021-2030 are aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, the European Climate Pact, the European Union's Integrated Maritime Policy, the Common Fisheries Policy, and the recent documents presented by the European Commission: Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, A Farm to Fork Strategy, and Mission Starfish 2030: Restore our Ocean and Waters.

This international alignment of the NOS 2021-2030 not only guarantees the national continuity of major global trends, but also allows for a greater alignment of policies, financial instruments and economic developments between Portugal, the European Union and the main international markets.

The NOS 2021-2030 was the subject of a much-participated public consultation, and presents an innovative approach compared to its predecessors, including more robust monitoring methodologies. For this purpose, the Action Plan of the NOS 2021-2030 was also approved by the Ministers Council, and will serve as a basis for the NOS monitoring.

Distributed over the different Priority Intervention Areas, this plan includes 185 concrete actions, 30 of which are considered emblematic due to their special scope and high potential for multiplying effects.

 30 Flagship Actions for the Ocean 2030

 National Ocean Strategy - Portugal 2030


 General Infographic

 NOS 2021-2030 Strategic Goals









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