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Key Account Manager - KAM



aicep Portugal Global is organized in two distinct business areas: Commercial PME and Commercial GE, supported by a network of over 40 offices abroad:


Commercial GE (Large Companies)


  • Responsible for all activities related to market research and procurement of large investment projects of infrastructure or major economic impact;    
  • Assists, in all aspects, Portuguese and foreign companies that, individually or as part of a Group, have annual revenues of over 75 million Euro, or represent investment projects of more than 25 million Euro.


Commercial PME (Small and Medium Companies)


  • Assists small and medium sized companies in all matters related to promoting exports to international markets, and towards boosting outward foreign direct investment;
  • Carries out market research to identify and select companies with potential “international market strengths”, and works with individual companies in order to launch their business internationally.


International Network


  • Offices abroad are responsible for the identification of new potential foreign investors in their respective markets, identifying business opportunities for Portuguese companies in those same countries and providing local assistance to visiting Portuguese entrepreneurs.   



aicep Portugal Global has a business model rooted in a close alliance with Portuguese companies, acting as a public sector partner, provider of value-added services.  Within this framework, the Key Account Manager (KAM) is the specialist liaison with the companies.


The Key Account Manager (KAM)  is a company’s liaison in the Agency;  he/she is the link that reinforces the connection between Portuguese industries and AICEP.  The KAM assists all companies assigned to him/her in their promotional and commercial activities towards developing exports of innovative, internationally competitive products or services, and investments abroad.  The KAM is also responsible for researching and selecting companies with potential to branch out into international markets, as well as for monitoring and supporting large exporting companies already with a strong foothold in developed foreign markets.  In addition, the KAM GE (Large Companies) carries out the analysis and processing of projects of inward foreign investment in infrastructure or of major economic impact. 


The KAM is responsible for assisting companies with the utmost objectivity and problem-solving approach, by making available to those companies his/her encompassing knowledge of markets and industries, supported by sound technical and management expertise. The KAM develops his/her activity on a clear client-oriented basis, focusing on the needs and expectations of the companies, following rules of selectivity, rigor, professionalism, technical capacity and dedication.  


In today’s age of knowledge and globalization, the KAM is a key player in strengthening  the competitive capabilities of Portuguese companies, enjoying a fundamental role in providing information and facilitating the internationalization process.


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