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4. Other Indirect Taxes


4.1 Excise Duties



Other Indirect TaxesIn Portugal there are several excise duties in line with the EU Directives on this matter. These specific excise duties are levied on the related products (alcohol and alcoholic beverages, beer, oil and gas and manufactured tobacco) in the manufacturing, processing or import phases and applicable throughout the Portuguese territory.


Excise duties are subject to self-assessment, but assessed by the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authorities based on the returns delivered by the taxpayer. The circulation of goods subject to excise duties in duty suspension arrangements is made through an Electronically Administrative Document (e-DA).



4.2 Tax on Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages (IABA)


The IABA is levied on the beer, wines, other fermented beverages, other intermediate products and spirit drinks, generally known as alcoholic beverages and on the Ethyl alcohol. The rates applicable to Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages are the following:





From € 8,34/hl to € 29,30/hl


€ 0

Intermediate products

€ 76,10/hl

Fermented beverages

€ 10,44/hl

Ethyl Alcohol and Spirit Drinks

€ 1.386,93/hl




4.3 Tax on oil and energetic products (ISP)


The ISP is levied on the oil and energetic products and any other products that are used as fuel or carburant in any type of non-stationary engine. The ISP is levied on the other hydrocarbons, with the exception of the peat and natural gas, destined to be used, sold or to be consumed in use as fuel, being considered as such the use of a product, through combustion.




4.4 Tax on Tobacco products


The tax on tobacco products is levied on the manufactured tobaccos, including cigars and cigarillos, cigarettes and smoking tobaccos, including fine cut tobaccos intended to the rolling of cigarettes and other.



n   specific element is € 101,00.

n   ad valorem element is 14%.

Cigars and cigarillos

n   ad valorem element is 25%;

Fine cut tobaccos intended to rolling of cigarettes and other tobaccos

n   specific element is € 0,081/g;

n   ad valorem element is 15%.




4.5 Vehicle taxes


The vehicle tax (Imposto sobre Veículos or ISV) is a registration tax levied upon the release of vehicles for private consumption. The taxable base is the engine capacity and the level of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. VAT is also levied on the acquisition of cars and the ISV is included in the tax base for VAT purposes.


The annual circulation tax (Imposto Único de Circulação, IUC) is an ownership-based tax, which applies amongst others to passenger vehicles and vehicles used for mixed passenger and goods transport, vehicles used for private transport of goods and transport services, motorcycles, boats and private aircrafts.


The final tax payable varies in accordance with the engine capacity and the CO2 emissions of the vehicle.


A 50% exemption applies for certain vehicles for large families (with more than 3 dependants or 3 dependents in which two of them are less than 8 years old).



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