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aicep Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency is a government business entity focused on encouraging the best foreign companies to invest in Portugal, as a one-stop-shop agency.


We provide services to foreign companies, counselling and coordinating contacts with Portuguese entities involved in investment processes.


AICEP works as a Government business entity, flexible, with streamlined free of charge services, offering a dynamic approach focused on the client / investor, through a tailored approach.


We are a single point of contact to foreign investors in all phases of the decision process: 



Professional handling of investor enquiries, provide comprehensive and accurate information and data, benchmark reports with other locations.



AICEP organizes and schedule site visits with local entities, including local authorities, universities, training centre, HR companies and peer companies.



Provide different site proposals according to project specifications.

Help setting up direct contacts with local entities.



AICEP will analyze your eligibility to innovation, R&D, production and employment incentives



 Protection tips for business trips


Protection tips for business trips