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Renewable Energies

Start your Portuguese experience

On the West Coast of Europe, Portugal is one of the countries that has seen the most change over the past 30 years. Our traditional qualities of adaptability, flexibility and warm welcoming still our main DNA, but the country has also became innovative and internationally recognized. From Renewable Energies to Information and Communication Technologies the country is leading in a diversified range of sectors inspiring Global Brands to invest in Portugal, and buy innovative products or solutions from leading Portuguese companies.





aicep portugal global

aicep Portugal Global your reliable partner

If doing business with Portugal is already in your agenda, allow us to introduce you to aicep Portugal Global. Your reliable partner and “one stop-shop”, a public business entity that helps you go forward with your business. Whether you are planning to invest in Portugal or buy our products and services we will be glad to help. [+]





Portal da Empresa

 Start your company online

Now that you have an overview of our country and the tools available to help you with your business you may like to see for yourself why Portugal is an award winning country when it comes to e-government. A company takes just 46 minutes to be created and the process is at the reach of your fingertips.

The Portal da Empresa offers the finest information and government services specially directed to the dealing community. This website will guide you quickly through all needed legal steps to set up a business. You may even start a company online.





Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property

Defend your property rights

Because the success of your business is very important, and depends a great deal on how unique it is, National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) works to grant the protection of property rights on a national and international level. INPI supports the country’s capacity to innovate, as well as to ensure that competition is fair. To secure your industrial property rights over a Trademark, Patent or Design you may register them online to defend these valuable assets.





DNS PTGet your Portuguese domain

If you have already started your business and protected your industrial rights this may be the time to show your company to the world from a “Portuguese web window”. After registering your Trademark at INPI you can verify if there is any similar brand and request your Portuguese domain online. Since your operating from Portugal it makes sense to have a Portuguese internet address. 







Global FindGlobal Find…the best location

If your project is a little bigger to fit into an office, you may be looking for something different like a plot in a developed park. In this case let us introduce you to Global Find. A powerful tool that helps you find the best location to implement your project based on your predefined requirements. This tool allows you to search industrial or logistic spots that best fits your project needs and has also the ability to compare some of the locations spotted.





Pena Palace, Sintra

 Visit Portugal

As you can see Portugal has a great business environment and innovative tools to get your business started. Without leaving your office, you can perform almost all needed steps online to put your business on track. But…There are still a few things we are not able to provide to you online. The warmth and hospitality of Portuguese people, the flavour of Portuguese cuisine, the taste of Portuguese wines and our breathtaking landscapes can only be experienced “onsite”. That’s why we are awaiting your visit, with open arms, whether you’re coming on a business trip, with some time to leisure, or if you’re coming with your family to Visit Portugal.