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Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


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aicep Portugal Global your reliable partner 


AICEP assists, in all aspects, companies which, individually or as part of a group, represent investment projects of more than 25 million euro or have annual revenues of more than 75 million euro. The Agency also supports internationalization processes and exporting businesses of Portuguese companies.


If you are interested in investing in Portugal you might wish to start by the Country Profile where you may have acess to a comprehensive insight of the country in different levels. To get an in-depth view of the legal framework surrounding investment projects our Investors Guide may be a good tool. If you are already looking for the perfect spot for your industrial project you may be interested in utilising Global Find, a reasearch tool that helps you find and compare different locations that best adapt to your needs. In the following pages we will introduce Global Find.


If instead of investing you are looking at buying Portuguese products, aicep Portugal Global welcomes your decision and provides you with a data base of Portuguese exporters and international Trade Fairs taking place in our country.


If you are seeking for tailored information concerning a specific sector or specific data to build up your business plan please let us know.


If our website doesn’t fulfill your information requirements please write us to and we will be happy to assist you.