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Chatron's SOLAR LIGHT TUBE PERSA was recently awarded an "Innovative Product Diploma" by BBConstrumat from 14 to 17 May at the Barcelona Fair.

The Jury composed of renowned professionals and academics selected by the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation, centers for research, debate and promotion of architectural culture, for this recognition, was based on the innovative features of the Chatron Solar Light Tube PERSA namely in the innovation throughout the line of traditional Solar Light Tubes allowing operation during the day and at night.

"Solar Light Tube PERSA combines state-of-the-art solar transmission technology with state-of-the-art LED technology, making it a breakthrough for traditional solar tubes and traditional lighting, enabling 24-hour room interior lighting in a durable and highly efficient manner. energy. This product will save hours of light bulbs switched on during the day and night, helping to reduce energy bills for buildings and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. "

Chatron thus sees another of its award-winning products at an international event, contributing to the increasingly pronounced affirmation of its products in the international markets.