Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


In 2015 Arfai started investing in a more environmentally friendly company. These investments included the installation of a Self-Consumption Production Unit using Photovoltaic Solar Technology and the continuous use of our own WWTP to recycle all used water. These efforts reduced to half the required annual energy consumption and Arfai can reuse 60 percent of the water used in production.

Additionally, Arfai started modernizing the factory infrastructure with a total replacement of the roof for better climatization, and new work conditions: a new bathhouse and bathroom and a new mess hall. Beyond that, made a renovated entrance to the factory.


Since 1995, the biggest pillar of Arfai is the people that are part of it. The most important for the company sustainable growth. Their effort, knowledge and passion made Arfai what it is today. Thus, they are the biggest and the best investment Arfai can do.