Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The Virtual SIE 2020 will be dedicated to the F&B sector and will have the look and feel of a physical expo where Trade Visitor/Exhibitor enter the exhibition hall through the convention centre’s arrival hall. In the exhibition hall, Trade Visitor/Exhibitor will see exhibition booths (as seen in the Exhibition Hall.jpeg attached).

Trade Visitor would be able to walk up to the exhibition booth and download Exhibitor’s product catalogue into Trade Visitor’s briefcase and/or watch exhibitor’s video if available.


Trade Visitor can chat with Exhibitors in the exhibition booth’s live chat button. Exhibitors also can meet the Trade Visitor by setting up an appointment via the B2B Business Matching button (as seen in Business Matching.jpeg). There will be a Stage Programme during the event and everyone can join in to watch.


Each booth (as seen in the Design 1 – Design 5.jpeg) is completed with product rack where you can upload your product catalogue. If you take up Enhanced or Premium Package, you can also display a video. Attach, our e-Flyer for your perusal.


Virtual SIE 2020 also has a search engine which enable the Trade Visitor/Exhibitor to find their preferred partner if they do not want to go through the pages of exhibition halls. Hence, you will be required to input your Key Component and the Exhibitors Profile when setting up your booth in September 2020. Our search engine is able to search by company’s name by alphabetical order, Exhibitor’s Profile and Country of Origin.


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