Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The first blueberries of our own cultivation from Portugal have arrived at Carsol Europe in Maasdijk, Netherlands. "In addition to our own cultivation in Peru and Chile, it is the first harvest from our own cultivation company in Portugal," says Horacio Ozer Ami of the European sales office in Maasdijk.

In Portugal, CarSol has its own farm of 75 hectares with conventional blueberries, supplemented with an organic farm in a higher part of the country with an area of 125 hectares of organic berries. The complete range consists of new varieties. The Portuguese berries are available at CarSol Europe until the end of July. "I am proud of the Portuguese team that succeeded in growing these high-quality blueberries. The quality is good, the taste is sweet and the dimensions are excellent."


In addition to the Portuguese blueberries, CarSol currently also offers Spanish blueberries. "These countries have good production, in line with last year. Transport and finding enough pickers is currently a challenge," says Horacio. "In the first weeks after the Corona measures were set, we saw a dip in the sales of blueberries, the situation is now stabilising and with the nice weather we expect that there will be good demand for blueberries again."


Last year, CarSol commissioned a new optical sorting machine, which according to Horacio meets a need. "Our customers work directly with the source, but at the same time retains the flexibility that many retailers need locally. Our customers can easily change the contents per package, place and receive orders at the daily level and fruit that has been sorted up to 24 hours before loading with our optical sorting machine."