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Laborial has a negative pressure isolation solution, which in the current scenario, helps to combat COVID-19. This solution, pioneer in Portugal, can be installed in hospital units or other places that can receive infected patients, with quick installation isolating patients as well as protecting health professionals.

Laborial is a leader company in the development of solutions for laboratories and critical hospital spaces and offers BIOcap within its product range. Biocap is an airborne infection isolator, with simple and quick assembly, which allows the installation of a negative pressure room, in any place of a hospital unit or other space for collective use, in very short time.


Biocap, by Laborial, is a solution developed by Laborial's integrated projects division, which aggregates, in its concept, a vast multidisciplinary knowledge on laboratories and critical hospital spaces. BIOcap allows, in an extremely simple and quick way, to create a confined atmosphere, with negative pressure and absolute particle filtering, which welcomes the infected patient with total comfort and safety, while protecting health professionals and other patients abroad and thus avoiding the increase of contamination within the hospital environment. The device is equipped with an air treatment unit, equipped with a display showing relative pressures in real time and audible and visual alarms to check the operating status. The entrance to the equipment is made through an anteroom, with a double-door sealed system, which prepares the entrance to the Room, where the patient is, and which is properly sized to accommodate the bed, a support bench and all the necessary equipment, such as ventilators and monitoring devices, connected to the existing hospital infrastructure networks, through two detachable openings inside.


The company Laborial, in Portugal, has already supplied BIOcap in some national reference hospital units, such as the Centro Hospitalar do Tâmega e Sousa and the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon, and scheduled for the next days to supply another set of this equipment to other reference units, along the country.


Laborial continues, in this period of pandemic crisis, to work, in order to provide the most efficient response to all the incoming requests, contributing, with its solutions and its knowledge, in the resolution of the fight against COVID-19.