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Startup Portugal & AICEP  will take you to to Startup Thailand 2019, in Bangkok

Next July 25th, Bangkok will inaugurate the biggest startup hub in South East Asia. The happening takes place at the same time of Startup Thailand, Bangkok's tech event now going for ist 4th edition, and focusing on Smart Electronics, GovTech, AgroTech, and MarTech.


The Asian market is in crescent demand, coming up as highly important for any startup hacking new tech with expansion plans. Not only it is one of the most prominent tech regions in the world, creating and developing hardware, but it also has the internal densely populated market to consume them.


Having a growing investment from the Thai government, Bangkok is becoming a real option for entrepreneurs willing to venture in a big and highly competitive market without having to go through the giants China and India. 


One of the gateways is Startup Thailand, now ready for its 4th edition, and set to host 4000 attendees and over 400 startups for a conference with around 300 speakers. All focus is set on MarTech, Smart Electronics, AgroTech and GovTech, so if you're hacking any of these, you know what to do.


In a joint effort with AICEP , Startup Portugal is setting up a national delegation to take on both the event and the ecosystem. This Mission Abroad includes tickets for Startup Thailand 2019, a tour around the most relevant hubs in the Thai startup ecosystem, and accommodation.


Registration here.