Agência para o Investimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal


The new Porto Center is designed to respond to the need for expansion in Portugal.

“The Center of Technology and Innovation of Porto serves the company’s growth by offering a greater geographic coverage of Portugal. It also gives our employees more flexibility and mobility, who in the future may choose to work in Lisbon or Porto”, says Catarina Azevedo, Director of Human Resources at Vision-Box.

Vision-Box has become known throughout the world as a solutions leader for passenger automation, facilitation and control in national and international airports. Today the company’s solutions cover markets worldwide with offices in more than 10 countries including Australia, USA, United Arab Emirates and India, among other locales. The impact of its more than 5,000 identity management solutions is beneficially felt by hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Despite of its definitive global DNA, Vision-Box continues to grow in Portugal. The new Technology and Innovation Center will hire up to 50 new professionals mostly to reinforce the company’s Research & Development division, includes the following specialties: Mobile Programmers, Front-end and Back-end Developers, DevOps, Automation Testers, Scrum Masters, among others. As part of its global expansion, Vision-Box intends to recruit 180 new professionals worldwide throughout 2019. Some national and international vacancies are already open for candidacy here, with new positions posted on a regular basis.

Catarina Azevedo describes Vision-Box as one of the most attractive companies to work for because of its strong growth, attractive markets it operates in, and its international career opportunities. “As a company oriented towards people, we continuously promote the well-being of our employees. We offer professional growth initiatives, including training forums on business and leadership, support our employees with their day-to-day affairs, and offer assistance with tasks outside the company, among other programs. We are also upgrading our headquarters in Carnaxide to accommodate the company’s growth and foster an environment conducive to innovation, creativity and collaboration. We want above all else to foster a happy environment within this large, diverse and multi-talented family. People are the foundation of our vision and internationalization. ”

In May 2019, the company is starting an internship program using the slogan “Unbox Your Future”. The program will recruit up to 20 new graduates from higher education institutions and areas of study.