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In the current pandemic scenario, it is essential to implement new solutions that can mitigate the harmful impacts that some microorganisms cause on human health. Neiper Home has been studying the problem and, despite its complexity, is determined to do its part in relation to your product: bath towels.

To this end, a partnership was established between Neiper Home and Devan Chemicals NV to develop a variety of textile articles with the capacity to limit the spread of viruses.


The results now obtained are very satisfactory and allow to announce the production of textiles with technical characteristics that reduce the transmission of viruses, keeping the focus on environmental sustainability.


The results of different tests carried out at accredited institutes allow to confidently announce that DoubleCare bath towels:

• help the client to minimize all transmission of microorganisms by creating an atmosphere not conducive to their reproduction. Guaranteed, tested and controlled, both virologically and bacteriologically;

• At the same time, it reduces water consumption and washing temperature, also eliminating the need for softeners in domestic washing, ensuring product sustainability and the protection of the environment.